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100% European Linen

90% "European" Linen is Spinned in China. Not ours.

Breaking Stereotypes

Because we never wanted to be like everyone else

80% Less Water Than Cotton

Earth day, every day

Sustainable luxury for people who are used to having only the best.

Beloved by the press

Naughty Linen has been featured in numerous publications all over Switzerland. 

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Naughty Linen google reviews rating
Rated 5 stars on Google

Favourite linen sheets on the Internet. All 5 stars rating says something about our dedication. 

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Designed in Zurich

Designed by an architect and art director in Zurich, using only the exquisite quality linen.

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We don't want to brag, so we let these clients do it:

Es ist an der Zeit den Jurgita und Gian Filippo ein grosses Kompliment zu machen. Seit mehreren Jahren schlafen wir nur in der Leinenbettwäsche von Naughty Linen. Etwas Schöneres und Angenehmeres gibt es nicht! Und die Qualität stimmt auch! Hätten wir mehr Platz, so würden in unserem Schrank von jeder Farbe und in jeder Kombination eine Bettwäscheset liegen! Dazu kommt der tadellose Service - die Wäsche wird auch wunderschön verpackt von den Beiden nach Hause gebracht! Wäre die Aussage nicht schon von Tina Turner (so einmalig) besetzt, würde ich sagen „simply the best!"

Wera M., Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help Teacher

Einfach genial euer Service und die liebevolle Verpackung. Bin most happy, alles mega schön und super nett. Ich komme wieder! Herzlichen Dank für die abendliche und persönliche Heimlieferung! 

Andrea S.

Die bettwäsche ist wirklich mega angenehm! Ein super gediegenes produkt. 

Cornel R.

I'm soooo happy with my Naughty Linen bedding! It's everything I dreamt it would be. Thank you again for transforming my bed into a snuggly, luxurious retreat with your wonderful linens. 😄

Imogene B.

Hallo Zusammen
Ich wollte mich noch bei euch bedanken für einen super raschen und freundlichen Service, und für die wirklich tolle Qualität der Leinen-Bettwäsche. Wenn ich wieder etwas brauche, werde ich bestimmt wieder zu euch kommen.

Markus G., Illusionist, Zürich

I love love love my linen bedding and am sleeping like a baby in it. 9 hrs per night, wonderful ❤️

Joanne B., Goldingen

Thank you for your service and linen. Sleeping in these duvet covers is amazing.

Could you send me another set in the same quantity, dimensions, and quality? Thank you!

Daniel S., Architect, Zurich

We totally fell in love with Naughty Linen! What a surprise… ;-) 

Johanna M., Photographer, Zurich

Just got my sheets they are amazing, even better than I was hoping for.

Bianca R.

I already have some of your linen bedwear, its our favourite bedding ;-)

Andy S.

Why our sheets are better?


We sell our linens direct to the client (you), so you don't need to compromise between the price and the quality. We buy premium pure washed European linen straight from the source and offer it directly to the customer, so you don't pay up to 10X the price for a lower quality product at the retailer.


Just as cotton, sateen, or any other fabric - not all linen is the same. The market is full of linen blends and low-quality linen fabrics that were treated and glued to make it look smooth.  We make sure to source only the highest-quality flax grown in Europe, certified by OEKO-TEX® and EUROPEAN FLAX® premium linen. 

Linen vs. Cotton

All Naughty Linen's products are designed by a design studio in Zurich, Switzerland. Because we cut out the retail and middle men part, we are able to invest in manufacturing and details, offering our clients special design. Linen's light and airy appeal keep Naughty Linen sheets casually elegant.

About us



Conventional sheets are made from synthetic fabrics or conventional cotton, which is considered the world's 'dirtiest' crop due to its heavy use of the most hazardous pesticide to human and animal health.


Person wearing linen clothes perspires 1.5 times less than when dressed in cotton clothes and twice less than when dressed in viscose clothes. 


Never iron again without sacrificing the elegant and timeless look of your bedroom. Tendency to wrinkle is considered part of linen's particular "charm" in modern interior.


Today, linen is usually an expensive textile produced in relatively small quantities. Linen now represents less than 1% of global fiber production according to the CFDA and is so rare and costly to make compared to other textiles that it is considered a close-to luxury fabric.


If you are prone to allergies, you always want to make sure that you find the right bedding material that’s not causing any kind of problems. Cotton can lead to allergies at times, not to mention it doesn’t offer that much breathability.

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Linen fabric is a natural antiseptic, it kills bacteria, so neither bacteria nor fungus can live on it. It also reduces inflammation. It was noted that wounds under linen dressing healed faster than under the cotton ones - that’s why it was used in hospitals as well.

Now you can get the best bed too!

We are excited to announce that Naughty Linen is offering Lapis bed - the winner of Wallpaper* magazine  design awards 2020. We are collaborating with Italian manufacturer Amura to bring you the full sleeping experience at it's best. Free delivery!

Frustriert nach neuer Bettwäsche zu suchen?

Sie sind nicht allein. Es gibt viele von uns, die versuchen, verschiedene Modelle zu kombinieren, Kissen in zu kleine Bezüge stecken und jede Nacht mit dem Spannbettlaken kämpfen. Oder es gibt eine Alternative - lassen Sie sich Ihre Laken extra für Sie anfertigen! Ohne zusätzliche Kosten.

Swap the look of your bedroom by swapping your sheets