Billerbeck Interlaken 4-season duvet - Naughty Linen
Billerbeck Interlaken 4-season duvet - Naughty Linen
Billerbeck Interlaken 4-season duvet - Naughty Linen

Billerbeck Interlaken 4-season duvet

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With the four-season duvet, you have the advantage of a one-time purchase and great flexibility. By combining two duvets of different thicknesses, you can enjoy a wonderful sleeping environment. Billerbeck Interlaken 100 4-Saisons-duvet - is made of two separate duvets, that you attach together.

Both duvet parts are quilted, the light one with small checks for the summer, the warm one with the large checks for spring and autumn. Both parts buttoned together make a warm duvet for cold winter nights as an air cushion forms between the two duvets. This creates a particularly warm duvet. So you get 3 duvets at once.

However, please also pay attention to your personal wishes here. A buttoned blanket is heavier than a special winter blanket. If you prefer a light blanket in winter, then perhaps a real winter duvet is more suitable for you with down filling. Those who like it simple and uncomplicated, want to react to the temperatures of the seasons and still rely on a single solution, will appreciate a four-seasons cover.

Please notice this duvet comes in two versions: Interlaken 100 and Interlaken 90. For Naughty Linen clients, we offer the highest of the range - Interlaken 100 4-Saisons-duvet, which means the duvet is filled with 100% new, pure, European, particularly large flake goose down.

What is the difference between Swiss Dreams 4-season duvet and billerbeck Interlaken 4-season duvet?

Swiss Dreams is the casual line of products by billerbeck, made in Switzerland, where the quality and price ratio is optimal. Swiss Dreams use smaller goose down flakes than the classic billerbeck line, which means less filling power. The main brand billerbeck uses extra-large and flaky goose down for their products - your duvet or pillow will be lighter in weight and fluffier.

If you want to extra spoil yourself - choose Dauny line. Dauny was created for people who are used to buying only the best. Only the largest, flakiest, and best quality goose downs are used for Dauny products - Polish goose downs that are the number one in Europe. The absolute top of the Dauny range is the Icelandic Eiderdown duvets. We have full range of Dauny products available and ready to help you in choosing the best one for your needs, just drop us a line

  Billerbeck Interlaken 4-Saison-Duvet Füllung 100
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4 season
Grösse Weight
160 x 210 cm
250 g + 450 g
200 x 210 cm 310 g + 560 g
240 x 240 cm 430 g + 770 g


100% cotton, batiste supérieure with SanProCare finish,
Öko-Tex Standard 100
Filling: 100% new, pure, European, particularly large flake goose down, white, VSB standard
Advantages: All seasons, NOMITE good for allergy suffers
Washable: 60 ° C

What is the difference between goose down and duck down?

Goose down is larger and stronger than duck down, which is why a duvet with 100 % goose down has a better fill power. The better quality is a result of the fact that geese are larger than ducks and generally have a longer life. Things you should pay attention:

  • Goose down flakes is bigger than duck down flakes, which means: more fluffy and soft, lighter in weight, better isolation.
  • There are different quality of goose downs that varies greatly - the size and the density. The bigger and more dense the goose down, the more fluffy your duvet or pillow. The difference can be huge. 
  • "Swiss made" - indicates that the downs undergo a special state-of-art cleaning process at billerbeck Switzerland factory, where they are treated in high temperature and all dust is removed. It takes hours and many different stages to prepare the down for billerbeck standard. 

That said, the overall quality of the duvet matters more than the type of down. The higher the down quality, the higher the fill power and the better the insulation. For Interlaken 100 4-Saisons-duvet billerbeck used only 100% new, pure, European, particularly large flake goose down.

Produced in Switzerland, as a harmonious combination of content and frame. For your weightless sleeping pleasure. Quality duvets filled with goose down from certified sources.
Swiss Made - washed, sorted, and manufactured at the Swiss production site under strict hygienic conditions. Sustainable consumption - ethical, ecological, and conscious decisions. Nature, environmental, and animal protection must go hand in hand worldwide.
The first-class goose down and feathers come exclusively from controlled, traceable origin and extraction and are certified. Great importance is attached to the fact that the geese are not plucked alive and are not kept for foie gras production.


    Bitte beachten Sie, dass der Farbton der Bettwäsche auf verschiedenen Bildern variieren kann. Das liegt an der unterschiedlichen Beleuchtung der Fotos - natürliche Morgensonne, Nachmittagssonne, Kunstlicht oder ein bewölkter Tag - dies beeinflusst den Farbton und die Intensität der Farbe. Ihre Wäschebettwäsche wird lebendig! Und so soll es auch sein.

    Anstatt nur Studiofotoshootings der Bettwäsche zu zeigen, haben wir uns entschieden, Ihnen eine Vielfalt von Looks zu zeigen. So können Sie sich von verschiedenen Optionen inspirieren lassen! Sie können sich eine Vorstellung davon machen, wie verschiedene Farb- und Modell-Leintücher kombiniert werden können und wie sehr sich dadurch der Gesamteindruck verändert - ein verschiedenfarbiger Leinenkissenbezug oder ein Spannbettlaken, und Ihr Bett wirkt ganz anders!

    Wir wollten auch den Übergang der Farbtöne zeigen - Ihre Bettwäsche sieht nicht immer gleich aus - die Farbuntertöne ändern sich von der Morgensonne zum Abendlicht. Das ist das Schöne am Zyklus der Zeit.

    Sie finden nicht die von Ihnen gesuchte Grösse oder Farbe? Kein Problem!

    Bei Naughty Linen bieten wir ihnen einen kompletten Service nach Mass ohne zusätzliche Kosten! Nennen Sie uns Grösse, Farbe und Modell der Wäsche, die Sie haben möchten, und wir unterbreiten Ihnen ein Angebot.

    Es gelten besondere Bedingungen:

    - Bitte senden Sie Ihre gewünschten Grössen und Farben per E-Mail an

    - Die Herstellung der Bettwäsche dauert zwischen 3-5 Wochen ab der Auftragsbestätigung.

    - Mindestbestellmenge - ein vollständiger Satz pro Farbe/ pro Modell. Wir versuchen, Reste und Abfall des Stoffes so weit wie möglich zu vermeiden. Tatsächlich sind wir damit sehr erfolgreich - wir haben fast keine! Aus diesem Grund verlangen wir mindestens einen kompletten Satz (Bettbezug + zwei gleich grosse Kissen) pro Farbe. Wir haben gezählt, wie man die Stoffe am besten zuschneidet, um den Verbrauch des Stoffes zu maximieren und keine Materialien zum Wegwerfen zu haben.

    - Massgeschneiderte Vorhänge, Bettdecken, Bettlaken und dekorative Kissen sind ebenfalls erhältlich.

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    Why choose us?

    No middleman

    Did you know that you pay at least 3x-5x of sheets cost at any retail? Because of the margins, brand license, distribution, staff, rental costs. And premium price doesn't mean you get premium quality. We get rid of all these necessary things so that we can deliver the best product directly to you. 


    Because we use a small production facility, we are able to offer custom-made bed linen for our clients. In this world of over-consumption, we believe you should have exactly what you need, and we know the painful issue of sizing all too well. If you don't see what you're looking for, just ask us.

    Quality first

    We cut out the middle man, so we don't need to compromise on the quality. We can buy the best fabrics (no itchy linen here!), add extra attention to details (yes, all these satin stitchings have to be made piece by piece by a human being!) and enjoy working closely with our team and our clients.

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