linen bedding from switzerland

The secret to creating the most comfortable and
best looking bedding you’ve ever slept in at fair price?

Cutting out the middlemen - so you don't need to compromise between the price and the quality. We buy pure washed European linen straight from the source and offer it directly to the customer, so you save 100% of the price (retailers have 150% margin). Just as cotton, sateen or any other fabric - not all linen is the same. We make sure to source only the highest quality flax grown in Europe, and all our products are manufactured by a factory that has been around for three generations.
As for the "Best looking" part - all our products are designed by an architect in Zurich, Switzerland.
Linen's light and airy appeal keep Naughty Linen sheets casually elegant.
We spend a third of our life sleeping, and we believe those years should be
in healthy linen bedding that is kind to our bodies and planet.
Keep your mind naughty, but your consciousness clean.