About Us

Naughty Linen was born a bit out of frustration.
Jurgita is an architect living and working in Zurich. Each time shopping for linens for clients the options were limited and all looking the same - and your bedroom should be the last place to look bland or boring. 
Bedroom is where everything starts - your day, your rest, your quality time with your partner. Bedroom is where dreams, revolutionary plans and genius (or sometimes naughty) ideas are born, where you recharge, find your calmness, where you read, watch movies, eat, drink, work, sleep. Bedroom is our sanctuary and an oasis, and at Naughty Linen we treat it like one. We care about our living room, comfortable chairs for our guests, that designer table, our office, our car - but where we Actually spend almost one third of our lives? 

It's time we nurture our mind and body by providing for our bedroom.


We have some explanation to do.
We are obsessed with linen. 
What can be better than soft, smooth and luring washed linen bed sheets? That adjust to your body temperature in any season, that don't let you sweat and looks amazing just straight out of washing machine with no need to iron? It's almost pointless trying to explain - it takes just a try to get the Linen Cult. And to get why there is no way back.


Naughty Linen is an urban luxury for all the naughty dreamers - modern, cool and sexy. It's a fusion between trends, architecture, fashion and appreciation of quality. Forget hundreds of times seen designs and same basic linens with our top quality heavyweight European linen.
Did we mention that it's handmade? Because in our world, handmade is not only for royals. 


Naughty Linen is a Swiss based home textiles brand that cares.
We do care about making conscious decisions and provide our customer with an extended information on the product's background and impact - you will find interesting facts and figures (a.k.a. Naughty Facts) all over our Webshop. We spend a third of our life sleeping and we believe those years should be spent in healthy sheets that are kind to our bodies and planet. 

Human tested, works best when sleeping not alone.