Thank you Züritipp and Tages Anzeiger for featuring Naughty Linen dresses in the summer section of Cool Shopping in Zurich! Read the full article here.
What could be more comfortable and breathable piece of closing to wear than a linen dress?! Our linen dresses are flowy and elegant. You can choose between four models: short dress with tie straps, short dress with buttons in front, A-line long linen dress with an open back or flowy long dress with lace-up back. What's different about Naughty Linen dresses? Our main focus was the perfect fit since we believe it's the fit that makes the dress, not only the design. So instead usual loose fit, our dresses are quite tight fitting to give you a nice shape around the waistline. As well you can adjust and regulate the fit with straps - find what feels the best. 
Wear Naughty Linen dresses for the beach, pair it with a jacket for the office or style our long dresses with elegant shoes for a cocktail hour. 
Our dresses are available for purchase here.