For the people who are used to having only the best

Welcome to Naughty Linen

Bedroom is where everything starts - your day, your rest, your quality time with your partner. It is where dreams, revolutionary plans, and genius (or sometimes naughty) ideas are born. 

It is our sanctuary, our oasis, and where we spend ⅓ of our lives!

At Naughty Linen, there’s no space for dullness! Get to know us better.


“Fine, I’ll do it myself!”

A naughty thought started it all.

Jurgita, an architect in Zurich, got frustrated with shopping for linens for her clients. They all looked the same – bland and boring. And the quality was not satisfying, while many brands claim to be “made in Europe”, most of the flax is spun in China and only finished in Europe. You can still use the label “made in Europe” nevertheless. Totally NOT something you’d want for your bedroom.

Behind the Name

“Unconventional all the way!”

Unconventional is our middle name. Sticking to the norm is overrated, and so most of our decision-making relies on how naughty it can be.

we know it

Whistleblower of the fabric industry

We know their dark little secrets and expose them for the betterment of the planet. ;)

keepin' it cozy

We’re an eCommerce. With a showroom.
In an apartment that we actually live in.

Why? Because why the hell not? We get to showcase all our beautiful linens, plus our personality through wonderful works of art and a selection of new and vintage designer furniture we offer for sale as well. It’s business and home conveniently (and cozily) wrapped in one!

hit us up

We genuinely care about you!

Aside from providing you with bedding that will help you with your sleep, we also want to know: how are you in general? We’re just not here for business. We are real people behind the brand, and we want you to know that you can treat us like how you would treat a friend.


“The Naughty Experts”

We’re a small, but tight-knit family!


A dipl. architect, creative thinker, professional brainstormer, unconventional marketing officer, and so much more! The owner of Naughty Linen. Her strong personality is admirably what makes ideas a reality.


When it comes to design technicalities, branding, and even occasional delivery of linens while wearing a funny hat, Gian would be the best to rely on. He and Jurgita are the foundations of Naughty Linen. A true powerhouse couple.


The person behind Naughty Linen’s messages. She’s the brain behind coming up and executing the marketing ideas of Naughty Linen and also is the friendly and always helpful voice behind most of our communications!

Know more about the brand

All About Naughty Linen

Benefits of Linen

“Sustainable luxury to people who are used to having only the best.”

Naughty Linen is a Swiss-based home textiles brand that cares. What makes us sleep soundly at night, aside from linen being the most comfortable fabric to sleep on, is it’s safe for the planet. It’s biodegradable, lasts longer, and uses a minimal amount of water for it to be produced.

What can be better than soft, smooth, and luring washed linen bed sheets that adjust to your body temperature in any season, that don't let you sweat, and looks amazing just straight out of the washing machine with no need to iron? It's almost pointless trying to explain – it takes just a try to join the Linen Cult and to get why there is no way back.


“Textiles is the second most polluting industry
in the world. Let’s clean up.”

To offer zero waste and avoid over-production some items are offered to pre-order. Our linens are also intricately handmade. We ask you for a little patience to solve a huge waste problem - it takes so little to make a true difference. It starts with the brand, but we need the support of our clients! We can create the change together.

How we Work

“No middlemen!”

Did you know that you pay at least 3x-5x of sheets cost at any retail? Because of the margins, brand license, distribution, staff, and rental costs. With Naughty Linen, you don’t have to worry about that. Receive your linens directly with no middlemen involved.


“We only work with distinctive products that we love.”

Improve your interior with Amura and your sleeping experience with Billerbeck. We work with brands that not only match Naughty Linen beddings but also care about what their clients need on a deeper level. Go check them out!