Billerbeck Duvets & Pillows

The Top Rated Beddings in Switzerland

You already know at Naughty Linen we are obsessed with all things sleep and bed, and we always bring the best to you. So we are proud to introduce our partner, leader in manufacturing the finest duvets and pillows - Billerbeck. 


Swiss Quality Without Compromise

Healthy and restful sleep depends on many factors: The right duvet plays an important role here, as it regulates the climate and humidity at night.The extensive billerbeck range offers the right duvet for every need.


Bed Your Head Comfortably

At billerbeck you will find a large selection of cuddly down pillows and feather pillows, easy-care fiber pillows and a variety of natural pillows with virgin sheep's wool, horsehair, soy fiber and much more. By the way, you will also find GOTS-certified pillows at billerbeck.


Why Billerbeck?

💖 Swiss Care

Produced with care for you, in Switzerland

🍃 NOMITE® Certified

Natural Mite Protection—Product is suitablefor house-dust-mite-allergy sufferers

🌏 Swiss Guaranty VSB

The “Swiss Guaranty VSB” seal of approval is used to identify duvets and pillows whose contents comply with strict Swiss standard and do not come from living animals

Swiss Wash

Guarantees that the down and feathers have been washed carefully and in accordance with the strictest hygienic requirements in Switzerland

👍 Down Pass

Fillings are of high quality and are ethically obtained and come from strictly controlled and traceable supply chains