Lapis and Davis

Combining comfort, softness, and Italian craftsmanship, these Amura Lab sofas are designed to infuse warmth and peace to any room, making it the perfect place to take a break and unwind. 

With its focus on volumes and geometries, the sofas are highly adaptable due to its wide range of available upholstery and modular choices, adding style and functionality to your living space.


Lapis and Segno

The Lapis Bed by Amura Lab is the winner of Best Soft Rock Wallpaper* magazine Design Awards 2020. It is a unique example of a lightweight design but with an established personality.

The Segno bed, on the other hand, features a design that alternates between right angles and curves to improve the sense of softness and comfort.

At Naughty Linen we always want to add to our client's experience. We are constantly on the look out for new designs, innovations, and unique solutions.

That's how we came across a young Italian brand, Amura Lab, and they immediately connected with our values - research and experimentation on shapes, design, trends, and materials, with a penchant for innovation that never betrays the solid foundations of the ancient masters.