Relaxed Luxury

Natural Linen curtains gives a special touch to the space and it has been the favourite choice among the most renown designers of the moment


Length Tricks

Placing the curtain rail at the right height and choosing the length of the curtains defines the space. Long curtains and a higher set rail optically gives the impression of a high ceiling and more space. Short curtains are more official, and extra long curtains will create a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere.


How Much Drapery?

The amount of drapery is another definer of the mood of the room. Usually, we recommend counting at least 2.5 x the rail length for the linen curtains to have lovely drapery. In the picture above, White linen curtains are 3 x Gather.


Choose the Weight / Thickness

Are you looking for the day curtain, or would you like something heavier? 85g linen curtains will be completely transparent, 165g linen curtains will provide somewhat coverage (see pictures below). We would suggest double-layer linens curtains of 165+165g and above for complete light blockage.