This is where people from the outside can have their first impression of what goes on with your interior. And what do they usually see first? The window’s best friend, of course: curtains

Curtains can make or break your space, even the smallest factors could change your room’s atmosphere tremendously. Our biggest advice, before you get yourselves new curtains, dive right into this guide we made and make sure you don’t regret what you add into your home! 


Length Tricks

The length of your curtains will vary depending on what kind of ambiance you’d like your room to have. 

Placing the curtain rail at the right height and choosing the length of the curtains defines the space. Long curtains and a higher set rail optically gives the impression of a high ceiling and more space. Short curtains are more official, and extra long curtains will create a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere.

Curtains that create a “puddle” effect (having a pool of fabric on the floor) not only creates a romantic vibe, it makes the room so much bigger than it actually is – recommended in bigger spaces and on small spaces that you’d want to appear bigger.

Designer homes usually have curtains with glamorous excess fabric as it gives the feeling of luxury and elegance. The more that the curtains touch the floor (extended length), the more relaxed the space would feel – with a little artistic touch!

If your room is prone to being dusty, or if you have pets and kids around, you can have curtains that float just above the "floor". It has that same elegant feel as the puddle except for this time, it’s almost just kissing the floor instead of pooling.

Make sure it’s only less than 3 cm above the floor, or else it might look like a measuring mistake! 

The higher the curtains are above the floor, the more "official" the place would feel. In office spaces, we recommend curtains just a few centimeters below the window sill (either "sill" or "apron").

Other than the curtains themselves, you can also transform your space by adjusting the curtain rods of your windows. 

You can make your ceiling appear higher by placing your curtain rods a couple of centimeters higher (around 10 cm or more) than your windowsill AND extending your curtain rods 10 up to 15 cm wider on each side (this way, when your windows are open, they are not going to be in front of your window and block natural light. It will gather on the walls beside the window instead).


How Much Drapery?

The amount of drapery is another definer of the mood of the room. Usually, we recommend counting at least 2.5x the rail length for the linen curtains to have lovely drapery.

If you’re already going for a more dropped or relaxed look, we suggest multiplying the length of the window to 2.5x to find the right width of your curtains. If you want to appear artsy, you can even multiply it by 3x

Be wary of the fabric used with your curtains before going for these super wavy styles. 3x waviness is perfect for sheer or thin-fabric curtains as it is easier for them to fold in this way. This won’t be the same with thick curtains. If you’re unsure, go for 2.5x

For an office or more official look, 2.5x will also do.

Step 3:

Choose the Weight / Thickness

Curtains are not just there for your aesthetic, it also protects your room from prying eyes, dust, and sunlight.

You may have heard of day and night curtains. The differences between these two are already in their names. Day curtains usually have thin or light-colored fabric which would help shed some light in your space during the day even when the curtains are down.

Living rooms usually have day curtains to let in natural sunlight. A lit-up room would also look more spacious and lively.

If you would prefer privacy in your space (usually in bedrooms), or if your room gets a little too hot during the day, you can choose darker-colored or thick curtains, also known as night curtains.

Are you looking for a day curtain, or would you like something heavier? 85g linen curtains will be completely transparent, 165g linen curtains will provide somewhat coverage (see pictures below). We would suggest double-layer linens curtains of 165+165g and above for complete light blockage.

The type of curtains that is perfect for you would be the one that complements the entirety of your space. Check on your overall room. What kind of atmosphere do you like it to have? Is it a room for work, a room for socializing? 

If you are still unsure of what kind of curtains to get,

Let’s talk about it!