What is a Down?

Down is found under the feathers of ducks, geese or other waterfowl, providing additional insulation protection from cold climates.

It is considerably different from feathers and has better application when it comes to softness and providing warmth

What is Fill Power?

Fill power is an expression of the down’s insulation ability and quality. The higher the down quality, the higher the fill power and the better the insulation.

So, Why is Goose Down better than Duck Down?

Fill Power

Goose Down clusters are generally larger than Duck Down clustters so Goose Down produces a higher fill power.


Duck down tends to be heavier than Goose Down.
The higher the fill power, the lighter the product.


Goose Down tends to be longer-lasting and more resilient than Duck Down.


Goose Down has higher insulation level than
Duck Down. Since geese, on average, are large birds, they produce a comparatively warmer down.


Goose Down tend to be fresher-smelling than Duck Down as a result of a less diverse diet.


Geese take longer to breed than Ducks so Duck Downs are cheaper than Goose Down.