A New Take on a Relaxing Experience

Amura Lapis Sofa

Inspired by nature, LAPIS is a unique living concept designed by Emanuel Gargano and Anton Cristell for Amura that offers a new perspective on the relaxing experience. ✨

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Not a simple sofa, but a new take on the relaxing experience that tries to reunify man and nature, in an almost ancestral dimension.

This is a new softness, devised by nature, and trimmed by Time, mellowing any harshness and allowing Man to find his own self.

“Lapis” can be applied in several dimensions and combinations, according to spaces and needs: from the most classic and traditional shapes to freeform and irregular compositions.

Arrange according to your liking

One Sofa, Many Looks

Look how many combinations you can do with just 1 set of the Lapis Couch!


Customize To Your Style

We offer exclusive fabric covers.

You can choose between different natural fiber pallets, synthetic fibers, leather, or mixed fabrics

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Being especially handcrafted, it will take 9-10 weeks to make this award-winning piece. 🏆

At Naughty Linen we always want to add to our client's experience. We are constantly on the look out for new designs, innovations, and unique solutions.

That's how we came across a young Italian brand, Amura Lab, and they immediately connected with our values - research and experimentation on shapes, design, trends, and materials, with a penchant for innovation that never betrays the solid foundations of the ancient masters.