• To offer zero-waste and avoid over-production some items are offered to pre-order. Items will be carefully tailored for you in 6-8 weeks after the full payment was done for the order. 
  • We ask you for a little patience to solve a huge waste problem - it takes so little to make a true difference. It starts with the brand, but we need the support of our clients! We can create the change together :)
  • Over-production is the most polluting part of the production chain. Over 50% of garments have to be disposed, just because they were not sold. This is a huge problem that nobody talks about. 
  • We try to avoid any left-overs and waste of the fabric as much as possible. In fact, we are very successful at it - we have almost none! We counted the best ways to cut the fabrics to maximize the consumption of the piece and not to have materials to throw away.